Smart. Secure. Scalable.


THE PROBLEM: In today’s relationship economy, leading companies understand the value of delivering extraordinary support to their customers. But, that can get expensive, inefficient, and costly.

THE SOLUTION: Meet Harness our AI technology to automate end-to-end human-like conversations through multiple channels for revenue-driving use cases across leading industries. Delight your customers, at scale.


Leverage historical data to educate Kylie on your most successful agent conversations. Kylie has the ability to learn from your best agents’ behavior to automate a system that not only resolves but delights.


With Kylie, we’ve built security into our DNA. You’ll have 100% ownership and control over your data. We’re certified to comply with industry standards. Be assured, all of your customers’ data and PII are encrypted while in transit and at rest over any and all public networks.


Kylie integrates seamlessly with your unique business practices to maintain your branding identity. Kylie works with all your existing platforms to not only interact with customers but also communicate with any of your back-end systems.





Use Cases

Customer Care

Kylie can automate your customer care conversations to full completion. Not only can Kylie have end-to-end conversations over Voice, SMS, or Chat, she is also able to complete any back-end systems to resolve tickets.


Kylie can take the stress out of customer conversations related to your organization’s billing needs. Other use cases including Accounts Receivable, Fraud, Credit Risk, etc.

Org Specific

Kylie is smart and agile. Have another use case in mind? Our team will work with you personally to strategize ways we can integrate automation into your company.



As an enterprise telecom company, you know the importance of always being on for your customers. With, scale your customer and billing conversations to not only delight your customers but also drive revenue.

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Leading insurance companies turn to to automate customer care and billing conversations for all forms of insurance. Delight your policyholders at every point of their journey.

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Leading retailers understand the importance of scaling great customer service. Use to resolve low-level customer service questions including: returns, account information, promotions, etc.

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Be known in the utility industry for consistent customer service. With, you can automate frequently asked questions regarding accounts, rates, and outages.

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90 Days. leads the industry in deployment time. We understand that every moment wasted equals lost opportunity. With, get fully ramped up in less than 90 days.