Improve The Agent & Customer Experience With Kylie


Happy Agents, Happy Customers

Kylie clones your brand personality to assist agents, reduce new agent ramp time, and automate customer conversation

Step 1

Augment Existing Workflow

Kylie will work with your agent to ensure customers are taken care of by suggesting the best personalized answer.

  • Data Driven Suggestions
  • Assurance & Transparency
  • Control Capabilities
  • No Behavior Change

Step 2

Decrease Ramp-Up Time

Training is crucial for new agents. You don’t have time for inconsistent responses. Kylie clones your best agents and guides new team members to respond like the top 10%.

  • Decrease Ramp-Up Time
  • Increase Consistency
  • Reduce Agent Stress
  • Increase Efficiency

Step 3

Automate Conversations While Maintaining Relationships

Your brand image & reputation matters. That’s why Kylie automates conversations on behalf of your agents. Its your team, powered by

  • Seamless Setup
  • Access Controls
  • Decrease Volumes
  • Maintain Relationships

Customer Success

“With Kylie, we're able to decrease response time, reduce the amount of overtime put in by our agents, and ultimately deflecting a large number of our tier 1 tickets. If Kylie was taken away, we would take a huge blow to our business operations.”

Felipe Nascimento
VP of Customer Satisfaction
Computel S.A.

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