Improve The Agent & Customer Experience With Kylie


Happy Agents, Happy Customers

Kylie clones your brand personality to assist agents, reduce new agent ramp time, and automate customer conversation

Step 1

Augment Existing Workflow

Kylie will work with your agent to ensure customers are taken care of by suggesting the best personalized answer.

  • Data Driven Suggestions
  • Assurance & Transparency
  • Control Capabilities
  • No Behavior Change Customer Support Ai Customer Support Ai

Step 2

Decrease Ramp-Up Time

Training is crucial for new agents. You don’t have time for inconsistent responses. Kylie clones your best agents and guides new team members to respond like the top 10%.

  • Decrease Ramp-Up Time
  • Increase Consistency
  • Reduce Agent Stress
  • Increase Efficiency

Step 3

Automate Conversations While Maintaining Relationships

Your brand image & reputation matters. That’s why Kylie automates conversations on behalf of your agents. Its your team, powered by

  • Seamless Setup
  • Access Controls
  • Decrease Volumes
  • Maintain Relationships Customer Support Ai

Customer Success Customer Support Ai

“With Kylie, we're able to decrease response time, reduce the amount of overtime put in by our agents, and ultimately deflecting a large number of our tier 1 tickets. If Kylie was taken away, we would take a huge blow to our business operations.” Customer Support Ai

Felipe Nascimento
VP of Customer Satisfaction
Computel S.A.

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