Meet Sidekick
Empower Your Agents


THE PROBLEM: You have a high volume of repetitive and time-consuming tickets.

Your agents spend time on tedious & repetitive tasks that take away from their ability to engage personally and handle complex problems.

THE SOLUTION: Meet Sidekick. Empower your agents with their own personalized robotic assistant. Transform complicated and long workflows into one-click solutions. Significantly reduce AHT and get your agents back to delivering the extraordinary service your customers deserve.

No Technical Skill Required

What takes your agents 30 clicks, we'll do in 1. Using our visual builder, your agents are able to turn complicated and long workflows into one-click shortcuts — saving your company, customer, and agents both time & money.

Easy & Powerful

When your agents create a procedure on our visual builder, Sidekick is writing multiple lines of code to map out every single step of the process. Easy enough for anyone to use, powerful enough to back any process.

Deploy in
less than a week

Give your agents the power to have more conversations in less than, within one week.