Industry: Telecommunications
Organization Size: Enterprise
Support Platform: Built In-House
Location: São Paulo, Brazil

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Computel was founded in 1981 and is the holding company of a PBX (Private Branch Exchange) Manufacturer located in the heart of São Paulo, Brazil. Computel has built its business by servicing over 13,000 customers including the largest telecom carrier in Brazil reaching over 1 million PBX extensions.

When Computel approached in March 2017, it had problems supporting it’s 13,000 customers each with their own strict SLA levels. Computel needed to reduce its time to acknowledge a ticket, response time, and time to resolution. If these strict times were not met, Computel could have faced large financial penalties.

Felipe Nascimento, VP of Customer Satisfaction stated, “With Kylie, we can expedite the response time even when agents are not at their working station. Tickets are received by our system we built in-house and addressed by Kylie making our customers happy about the quick response time. We no longer have to worry so much about missed SLA times and eroding the relationship with our clients. Getting a quick response from our team powered by allows our support staff to provide best in class customer service.”

Computel struggled internally as well. Struggling to train new agents to keep up with volumes was proving to be taxing.

“By accessing how Kylie addresses all of our customers questions, less experienced agents are onboarded in a shorter time giving them the ability to learn on the job with Kylie’s knowledgeable suggested responses. Kylie can be interpreted as a more experienced agent that knows how your company responds to questions, eliminating the need to be answered by junior agents.” -Nascimento

With better trained customer support agents and a more efficient operation, Computel can service its 13,000 customers with far less people.

“While looking into AI, it’s important to keep a remarkable customer experience in mind. Computel is the first telecom organization in Brazil to adopt AI and understand the value of scaling personal relationships while decreasing costs with the power of Kylie’s artificial intelligence.”

Jamasen Rodriguez
Chief Executive Officer

“Our support system used to address our customers with large support teams spread all over the country of Brazil. With Kylie, we are converging to a smaller number of agents covering the same area reducing our costs by 30% and providing a better service.” -Nascimento Customer Support Ai

“With Kylie, we're able to decrease response time, reduce the amount of overtime put in by our agents, and ultimately deflecting a large number of our tier 1 tickets. If Kylie was taken away, we would take a huge blow to our business operations.” Customer Support Ai

Felipe Nascimento
VP of Customer Satisfaction
Computel S.A.

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